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SASSAN Geosciences, Inc.

Schedule Of Fees

Schedule Of Fees
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Schedule Of Fees

Southern California

January 1, 2007


Dollar sign

Hourly Rate
$ 175
Geotechnical Engineer / Engineering Geologist
$ 175
Geotechnical Engineer (Expert Witness/Court Appearance)
$ 400
Engineering Geologist (Expert Witness/Court Appearance)
$ 400
Staff Engineer
$ 125

Registered Concrete / Steel Deputy Inspector

$ 70*

Registered Grading Deputy Inspector

$ 90*

Senior Engineering Technician

$ 90*

Engineering Field Technician

$ 75*

Drill Rig, Operator and Crew

$ 350

Laboratory Technician

$ 80*


$ 75

Clerk / Typist

$ 50

Pick up / Delivery (25-mile radius)

$ 80

Direct expenses incurred in connection with the project will be invoiced at cost plus 15% for management and overhead.

Any fieldwork will be scheduled and invoiced at a four-hour minimum. A minimum of 48 hours’ advance notice is required for scheduling or canceling field inspection or testing services. Cancellation with less than 48 hours’ notice will be subject to a minimum charge of four hours for all personnel and equipment scheduled.

The above rates will be invoiced on a portal-to-portal basis from our office. Overtime rates of 1.5 times the above hourly rates will be applied for all hours worked before 8:00 AM, after 5:00 PM and/or over a total of eight hours per day, Monday through Friday, and for all hours worked on Saturdays. Overtime rates of 2 times the above hourly rates will be applied for all hours worked over twelve hours per day, and on Sundays and Holidays. Mileage will be invoiced at the rate of 50 cents per mile.

* These rates will be reduced by a maximum of 15% for inspection projects longer than 2 weeks.

SASSAN Geosciences, Inc.