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SASSAN Geosciences, Inc.

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Our services begin in the early planning stages of your project with:

  • Geotechnical feasibility and due diligence studies
  • Geologic and seismic hazard assessments
  • Interactive planning sessions with your planning team



During the design phase of your project, SAS provides:


  • Subsurface geotechnical investigations to characterize geologic and soil conditions
  • Design parameters for foundations
  • Laboratory testing for soil and rock properties
  • Slope stability analysis and seismic ground shaking hazard
  • Remedial earthwork designs to mitigate or eliminate geotechnical constraints
  • Interim remedial earthwork voulume calculations for estmating purposes
  • Groundwater investigation, monitoring, sampling/testing, and predictivemodeling 

 When construction grading begins, SAS supplies:


  • Geotechnical observation and testing of site grading
  •  Settlement monitoring instrumentation, measurements and


  •  Design modifications in response to new conditions 


  • Groundwater monitoring and testing
  • Construction material inspection and testing 
  • Geologic mapping and approval of remedial earthwork
  • Certification of final building pad

Some projects require consultation on special geotechnical issues. SAS professionals are best known for our expert work in the areas of:


  • Seismic hazard analysis
  • Geologic site conditions and hazards evaluation
  • Earthquake site response and ground motion studies
  • Design and construction of slope stabilization and landslide


  • Analysis of property damage from soil settlement, expansion and


  • Geotechnical input to value engineering of large site development


  • Observation and testing of large earthwork projects






SASSAN Geosciences, Inc.